Planning & consultancy

Easy and effective business planning

The best business planning will let you fly while keeping a strong link to reality. It is the creative thinking and experience of many markets and sectors that will give you the edge when you work with Advicewise.

All size businesses. Growing or under pressure in a declining market. Advicewise adds value to your thinking and management development.

Creating solutions that fit your business and its potential.  No waffle, no big reports, just practical down to earth, sound advice.

Business Plans

From start-ups to multi-nationals. Advicewise have the range of experience and skills any business needs. From financial planning through to customer service delivery.

Marketing Plans
The Advicewise team have successfully developed marketing plans and implemented them in New Zealand and worldwide in branded products and services and commodity markets

Marketing Audits
Establish what you need to do to get your marketing really humming. Audits cover quality of inputs, strategy development, decision processes, pricing structures, yield improvement, product and brand development processes right through to communication.

Alliances and Joint Ventures
Roles include assessment of the basis for partnership and structuring the framework for co-operation. Right through to the operational logistics and marketing aspects.

Project Management
Advicewise has experience in managing projects across multiple businesses and cultures. Including customer service, new product launches and new procedures.

Fully integrated communications planning and management. In association with Nous and More Ltd. Covering advertising, public relations, media relations, web and other media.

Customer Service management
Delivering consistent, efficient customer service to generate cost effective repeat business needs to be carefully planned, implemented and monitored. Advicewise works with clients to develop best practice programmes tailored to the business.

Good for Business– Good for People© programme
Advicewise offers the Good for Business-Good for People employment management audit, action plan and 12 month coaching programme.